Tiger Skin White Granite Tiles Slabs Countertops

Competitive price and superior quality
Supply ability: 28000 square meters per month
Various stone colors and sizes available
Stone types: marble, granite, onyx, tiles, slabs, countertops, etc
Application: commercial, residential

Tiger Skin White Granite Tiles Slabs Countertops

Regular sizes:
Tiles: 300mm x 300mm or (12" x 12"), 400mm x 400mm or (16" x 16"), 457mm x 457mm or (18" x 18"), 300mm x 600mm or (12" x 24") 600mm x 600mm or (24" x 24")
Slabs: (1800mm - 3200mm) x (600mm - 2200mm)
Countertops: 96" × 26", 108" × 26", 96" x 16", 72" x 36" 76" x 36"
Vanity Tops: 25" x 22", 31" x 22", 37" x 22", 49" x 22", 61" x 22"
Thickness: 10mm, 12mm, 16mm, 18mm, 20mm, 23mm, 25mm, 30mm, 50mm, 100mm, etc.
Customized sizes are available according to your request.
Packaging and Shipping for Tiger Skin White Granite Tiles Slabs Countertops
Packed in strong wooden crate or bundles, all wood is fumigated as per current international requirements ISPM15. Details as following,
Slabs: pad with plastic film between slabs, then packed in strong seaworthy wooden bundle outside;
Tiles: 6-10 pieces in one foam/paper box inside + strong seaworthy wooden crates, reinforced with metal straps outside;
Countertops: pad with foamed plastics, then packed in fumigated wooden crates, reinforced with metal straps outside;
Sink/Mosaic/Cut-to-size: foam and carton inside + strong seaworthy wooden crates, reinforced with metal straps outside.

Commercial & Residential, Interior Floors & Interior Walls, Countertops & Table Tops, Exterior Cladding & Exterior Pavers, Medallion & Mosaic, Pillar & Balustrade, Moulding & Border, Door & Window, Tub Surrounds & Showers, Fireplace & Mantel, Garden Stone Products.

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Stone News
(2) Increase investment to build stone powder and gravel disposal sites. Increase capital investment, speed up the construction of stone powder and crushed stone disposal sites, and gradually improve and standardize stone enterprises to build environmental protection infrastructure. Shuitou Town and Shijing Town invested more than RMB 20 million in their original small-scale stone powder landfills in 2007, and built 4 each in Houfang Village, Jiangqi Village, Laogang Village, and Daxingxia. The large-scale stone powder and gravel disposal site with a land area of ​​over 200 mu has been put into use, with an annual capacity of 6 million cubic meters to accommodate stone powder. At the same time, purchase powdered stone transport vehicles, establish stone powder transportation teams, clean up the stone powder and gravel of stone companies, transport them to designated landfills for landfill disposal, or transport them to the related comprehensive enterprises of stone powder and gravel for waste recycling. To solve the stone powder, gravel disposal provides a strong support.

(3) Dredging and dredging were carried out, and stream pollution remediation progressed steadily. The first is to invest 1.5 million yuan. After the completion of the project, 3.6 kilometers of Dianxi Creek will be dredged and dredged. The siltation of the silt in the river will be completely cleared. The second is to carry out the dredging work in the Shouxi River Basin, and a total investment of 35.242 million yuan will be invested in the renovation. A total of 19.212 million yuan was invested in the village's third-level, completing the dredging and dredging of 5.1 kilometers (main stream 3.1 kilometers, tributary 2.0 kilometers) of the Shouxi River and its tributaries, and the rehabilitation of the embankment along the north side of Shouxi. Among them, the Water Conservancy Bureau invested 700,000 yuan to complete the calculation plan for the Shouxi River dredging project, complete the engineering drawings, budget estimates, technical design documents, sub-standards, and construction stakeout; Shijing Town invested 10 million yuan to complete Shouxi 3.6 kilometers of main stream and tributaries (1.6 kilometers of main stream, 2.0 kilometers of tributaries) dredging and dredging of the river course, and reinforcement of masonry on both sides of the embankment and tributaries of the main stream; investment of 5.112 million yuan in Shuitou town to complete the dredging of 1.5 kilometers of the mainstream of Shouxi River , Dredging; Fujian Hailian Development Co., Ltd. invested 15.83 million yuan, commissioned by the civil engineering company of the Second Construction Bureau of the Hailian Venture Industrial Park, Shouxi River basin part of the remediation, Shouxi embankment has been 800m rectification acceptance. The water quality of Houdian Creek and Shouxi River has been significantly improved, and the rectification work has achieved significant results.

III. Comprehensive utilization of stone industry

(I) Main work measures and countermeasures

(1) Introduce policies to introduce and support comprehensive utilization projects of stone powder and gravel. In recent years, Nanan City, while increasing the environmental protection supervision of the stone industry, has actively used policy levers to introduce and support comprehensive utilization projects of stone powder and gravel and encouraged the transformation of the stone industry development model. The first is to introduce policies to encourage the digestion of stones to crush stones. It issued the "Notice on Accelerating the Several Opinions for the Comprehensive Utilization of Stone-crushing Stones" and the "2008-2010 Action Plan for the Development of Stone Industry in Nan'an City" and other documents. Each year, 1 million yuan of special funds are allocated to support the comprehensive utilization project of stone crushing stones. Construction; implement centralized collection of stone crushing stones, centralized treatment, centralized recycling processing and utilization, and organize stone production enterprises to directly ship stone crushing stones for comprehensive utilization. The second is to encourage the promotion of new wall materials that use stone crushing stones as raw materials. In the “Notice of the Planning and Construction Bureau of Nan’an City Planning Office for Promoting New Building Materials”, a number of policies have been formulated to support new wall materials companies that use stone powder and gravel as raw materials, to step up enforcement efforts against solid clay bricks, and to encourage construction units and construction. The unit will give priority to the use of new wall materials, create a good development platform for the comprehensive utilization of stone crushing stones, and maximize the consumption of stone crushing stones and other industrial waste.

(2) Government planning, corporate investment, and guidance for circular economy industrial parks. In order to solve the problems of previous stone-factory buildings being randomly built along the river along the river and discarded at the corners, Nanan City planned and built the Binhai Circular Economy Demonstration Park, the Zhongtai (Ishii) Stone Circular Economy Park, and the Shijing Edge Material Processing and Processing. Parks and other three stone recycling economy industrial park, park construction to the main business investment, through the strict control of new stone materials outside the region, and comprehensive use of the company's traffic ramps and other supporting construction support, guide enterprises to settle in. Each of the three parks has its own characteristics: First, the Binhai Circular Economy Model Park. Through the introduction of Fujian National Energy, Wright, South Star and other comprehensive utilization of stone powder, gravel, so that solid waste such as gravel, stone powder and not out of the park, turning waste into treasure. The second is the Zhongtai (Ishii) Stone Circular Economy Park. Guide the following qualified stone enterprises to settle in a centralized manner. The district shall build a unified sewage treatment system, collect and use stone powder and slag uniformly, and provide supporting waste processing projects to control waste generation from the source. Thirdly, the Shijing scrap material will be disposed in a centralized processing and processing park, and it is proposed to uniformly collect and classify and treat the scrap stone corners and process it into stone reuse products.


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