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Hubei Xingshan County has built a billion-yuan stone industrial park. A few days ago, the mobilization meeting for land acquisition work was held in the village committee of Longtouping, Shuiyuesi Town, marking the official kick-off of the work of the 10 billion stone industry.
The granite reserves of Shuiyuesi Town in Xingshan County amount to more than 1.2 billion cubic meters. Among them, the reserves of high-quality varieties such as the Three Gorges Red, Three Gorges and Leopard spots are more than 200 million cubic meters. According to the 20% yield and the annual production capacity of 200,000 cubic meters of stone, only high-quality stone resources can be developed for 200 years, and the color pattern of this kind of stone is colorful and rare.
The town integrates the original stone resources and processing industry, takes the construction of stone industrial park as a breakthrough, changes the extensive processing mode, develops ecological, environmentally friendly, green and efficient processing industries as the main direction, controls mechanized mining and improves resources. The utilization rate, the introduction of stone carving technology, guided stone and other technologies, to maximize the comprehensive benefits of resources, and promote the transformation of the stone industry.
It is reported that the Xingshan County Baiyi Stone Industry Industrial Park, which was opened in January next year, involves four groups of Longtouping Village in Shuiyuesi Town. The total land area is 904 mu, of which the first phase covers 202 mu (including 23.70 mu of graphite ore dressing). The second phase uses 702 acres of land. The park takes stone construction as a breakthrough, integrates mineral resources and develops enterprises, and develops the stone industry into a well-known domestic industrial cluster with reasonable structure, complete chain, professional cooperation, environmental friendliness and intensive development.
The park will start construction in January 2014, relying on Xingfa's leading enterprises to attract large-scale stone enterprises such as Fujian Inner and Outer Mining, Xiamen Wanli Stone and Fuzhou Leifeng Building Materials to invest in the park. Strive to enter the park and put into operation in 2015, with an output value of 1 billion yuan. We will strive to enter and complete the 10 enterprises in 2018, with an output value of 5 billion yuan, of which 1 to 2 enterprises with sales income of over 1 billion yuan will be cultivated, and more than 5 enterprises with more than 500 million yuan will be cultivated. We will strive to enter into the park and put into operation in 2022, with an output value of 10 billion yuan, of which 1 to 2 enterprises with sales income of over 2 billion yuan will be cultivated, and more than 5 enterprises with over 1 billion yuan will be cultivated.
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