Edge Stone - specializes in various Onyx Slabs

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Update time : 2018-07-27 17:35:20
Edge Stone is the leading manufacturer of Onyx Slabs in China. We supply stone products for importer, distributor, projects, wholesalers and factories all over the world.
Edge Onyx Stone - specializes in various Onyx Slabs.
Founded in 1989, Edge Stone Co., Ltd. has been operating Onyx Slabs for more than 20 years. It has established the "Edge Onyx" brand in Shuitou Town, Nan'an City. It has been focusing on Onyx Slabs for 20 years, and has laid down Onyx raw material procurement, large slabs processing and wholesale sales. A good foundation, accumulated a large number of customers in the industry and a good reputation. In September 2013, the Xinjing Jade Shijing Plant has started trial operation, and will bring more value-added Onyx Slabs to more customers. Welcome everyone's attention.
The company's annual inventory of Onyx Slabs is nearly 100,000 square meters. It has a full range of products and abundant stocks, which can meet the needs of various customers at different price points. The onyx varieties currently available include: Snow White Onyx, White Onyx, Sapphire Onyx, Red Dragon Onyx, Blue Onyx, Purple Onyx, Qingshui Onyx, Ink Onyx, Bubble Onyx, Straight Line White Onyx, Tiger Onyx, Black Sea Onyx, Landscape Painting, Peacock Onyx, Rock Sugar Cola Onyx, Vanilla Onyx, Colorful Onyx, etc, more than 30 varieties of Onyx Stone.
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