Yunfu Quality Supervision Bureau increased the assistance to enterprises in five aspects

Yunfu City has more than 4,000 stone enterprises, nearly 200,000 employees, production and processing technology and stone machinery are at the domestic and international advanced level, with high quality, creativity, added value and artistic value.

To provide strong support for building a quality city, and actively promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprises. Yunfu Quality Supervision Bureau takes the following five points to increase the assistance to enterprises

The first is to open labs and share testing resources with enterprises. In conjunction with the theme of world measurement day, consumer rights day, quality month, etc., the "Lab Open Day" charity event was held from time to time, and more than 50 people from the municipal drug supervision, agriculture, disease control, related enterprises and other technical institutions were invited. Laboratory visits, exchanges and guidance, and open to the enterprise measuring equipment such as measurement and quality inspection laboratories. Under the guidance of laboratory professionals, enterprise technicians use specific equipment to conduct testing, testing, comparison and training activities in the form of independent or mutual cooperation.

The second is to improve the detection efficiency and shorten the time for report issuance. The Quality Planning Institute actively carried out the activities of “helping enterprises to benefit the people”, promoted information management and reduced the time of the process. Optimize the process and realize the seamless connection of the “receipt-certification inspection-certificate-charge-feedback” link. The external commitment service will be shortened from the original 15 working days to 10 working days. At the same time, the implementation of the door-to-door delivery service. This year, the door-to-door receipts reached more than 2,000 pieces, which solved the problem of large-scale instruments and remote enterprises sending inspections, and the rural enterprises entrusted them to send samples. They also sent the test reports to the enterprises by mail, courier, and door-to-door reports. Reduce the burden on enterprises and improve the efficiency of enterprises.

The third is to carry out technical assistance to help improve product quality. In addition to strict product testing, the Quality and Quality Institute has also established a technical quality technical team to give full play to its technological advantages, provide quality management, standard publicity, inspection and testing, and technical training for enterprises, and carry out technical consultation, standard formulation, certification and certification. Consulting, and provide new product quality analysis and evaluation, performance and reliability testing to help companies improve product quality. This year, the city's gas station refueling staff, city (county) enterprise measurement department scales, Guangdong Yudean Yunhe Power Generation Co., Ltd. and other activities to carry out "technical training classes into the enterprise" activities, the cumulative training nearly 300 people, has been for Yunfu City Hengsheng Chuanghui Stone Industry Co., Ltd. and other 8 stone enterprises provide technical analysis and guidance for the development of new functional stone products such as translucent stone, antibacterial stone, anti-UV stone, and negative ion stone to solve production problems.

The fourth is to do a good job in risk monitoring and investigate potential safety hazards. The quality meter pays close attention to the daily inspection work, and makes early detection, early analysis and early investigation of suspected risks of products or raw materials, timely pays attention to the updated information of relevant product standards in key industries, and strengthens the product items that are not covered by existing standards. Monitoring and industry research on the phenomenon of unspoken rules. In addition, strengthen the monitoring of public opinion information, collect and sort out relevant quality and safety information, and proactively issue quality warnings to help enterprises prevent and respond in time.

The fifth is to transform scientific research results and realize the combination of production, education and research. The role of provincial-level workstations played by quality meters, as well as the role of various demonstration platforms such as “National Quality Inspection Center”, “Provincial Inspection Station”, “Provincial Innovation Service Platform” and “Provincial Public Inspection Technology Service Platform” Cooperate with universities, research institutes and enterprises to carry out product quality problems, research and development of scientific and technological projects, realize the transformation of scientific research results, and guide the practical application of enterprises. The institute has also established long-term talent training and introduction of cooperative relations with institutions of higher learning such as South China University of Technology, Guangdong University of Technology, Fuzhou University, and China University of Geosciences. Since the beginning of this year, the Institute of Quality and Technology and Guangdong University of Technology have jointly signed the project of “Building a comprehensive service technology service platform for small and medium-sized enterprises in Yunfu City”, and assisted 36 enterprises to solve 43 technical problems.
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