Strengthen the management of occupational disease hazards, and concentrate on the management of stone processing

On February 16, the Fujian Provincial Administration of Work Safety announced that this year they will launch “three governances” for occupational disease hazards in the cement manufacturing, stone processing (including quarries) and coking industries in the province, among which the problem enterprises If the rectification still fails to meet the requirements within the prescribed time, it will be requested to be closed by the local government according to law.

It is reported that the stone processing enterprises (quust quarries) in Fujian Province have always been in the development situation of “small, scattered and chaotic”. This year, Fujian Province will implement centralized management of enterprises in areas with more stone processing enterprises and quarries. Form an industrial park and upgrade the level of automation and mechanization of stone processing enterprises. In addition, the Fujian Provincial Safety Supervision Bureau issued a document requesting that all stone processing enterprises must give priority to the wet processing technology. In the water-deficient areas or special-shaped stone processing enterprises that cannot use the wet process due to the quality of the process, dust-cleaning devices must be installed to reduce dust emissions. The quarry should use automatic and mechanized production methods as much as possible. In the rig drilling, quarrying and screening process and quarry roads, it is necessary to strengthen the dust protection, and adopt wet operation or other dust reduction measures to reduce the dust hazard.
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