Stone's entry into the home improvement market industry exchange conference held in Xiamen Stone Fair

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Update time : 2018-05-31 23:57:54
The introduction of stone into homes was proposed in 2013 and is an old topic in this industry. However, in practice, there are not many enterprises that have truly made benchmark achievements. Today, the entire market has already entered a new model. How will the old topic of entering homes advance with the times? Let's look at the following three industry experts who will bring us a new interpretation.

On the morning of March 7th, the stone industry marching into the home improvement market will be held at the Xiamen Stone Fair. The exchange meeting will be led by Zou Chuansheng, former president of the Chinese Stone Association, and Karen Roe, founder of NSMotif, a “full-fledged countertop expert”, and a stone box. Founder, founder of Pengji Stone Packing Brand, and Zhang Yueqian, chairman of Chengdu Pengji Stone, participated together.

▲ Zou Chuansheng, former president of the Chinese Stone Association

President Zou Chuansheng first analyzed the issues faced by the industry in the home improvement market from the perspective of policies.

He said that since the Nineteenth National Congress, stone materials have been hotly debated, but there is still no enthusiasm. From the supply side, because there are still markets for public works, there is little pressure on the stone enterprises and there is insufficient power. In addition, it is undeniable that the stone enterprises There is still limited capacity in serving the home improvement market. From the demand side, consumers have misunderstood the stone, in essence, the supply side is still caused by the ineffectiveness of consumer education. How to let consumers and designers re-understand the stone is an important issue in the industry.

He believes that the requirements of the Central Economic Work Conference to "promote supply-side structural reform as the main line of economic work" are fully applicable to the Chinese stone industry, and the supply-side reform of the stone industry is imminent.

In this regard, he also put forward several views.
He said, first of all, companies should raise awareness, think in peacetime, and lay out as soon as possible. The shrinking of public works is inevitable. While China is undergoing reforms, the society will enter the olive-shaped society. That is, the middle-income group will be the main force of consumption. Whoever first understands the consumer preferences of such people will seize the market first. Therefore, from the standardization and individualization of products, we can improve our service capabilities, and make efforts to transform and transform enterprises.

Furthermore, companies should implement innovative strategies to develop more new products, new technologies, new processes, new forms of business and new channels, and make preparations for making progress. Of course, the difficulty degree of fighting alone is high, and it will be a new direction to strengthen cooperation, complement each other, and collaborate.

In addition, industries and enterprises need to increase consumer education to increase the awareness of consumers and designers of stone and stone brands, establish an index system and statistical system to suit stone home improvement, reflect the status of public and home decoration, and establish stone materials. The professional committees entering homes promote the career of stone into homes with these means.

▲ Karen Roe, founder of NSMotif

Natural Stone Motif-Karen Roe shares “How to build improved performance and build a viable customer experience”.

Karen Roe believes that first impression is very important when establishing a close relationship with customers. In addition to paying attention to the dress, listening carefully is a point that most people easily overlook. This is often the key to determining whether a business can succeed. Because, products are similar to customers. If you want to stand out from many competitors, it is essential to listen carefully to the needs of your customers. When you can respond to every word or action of a customer seriously, you have established a big step forward in the relationship with your customers. Reflected in the stone enterprises, companies should pay more attention to the customers' perceptions and experiences, instead of just caring about what services they have done for their customers, they have to think more about the related services we provide to our customers. Have a real, satisfying experience? Can we establish good communication with customers? So, just like stone wants to enter home decoration, we also try to approach the customer's life and establish emotional connections outside the business.

▲ The Founder of Stone Box, Founder of Pengji Stone Packing Brand, Chairman Zhang Yueqian of Chengdu Pengji Stone

Stone box founder, founder of the Pengji stone brand, Zhang Yueqian, Chairman of Chengdu Pengji Stone, has been focusing on the key market for years, and this exchange also brought passionate sharing.

He said that the Nineteenth National Congress proposed to strive to realize people's longing for a better and brighter life. After the improvement of economic conditions of the country’s people, attention was paid to home improvement. The second-hand decoration of high-end houses began to appear. The huge markets and other decorative materials in the third-tier cities and townships were virtually invisible. The help of natural stone market development indicates that the future of the stone industry will be very beautiful. Therefore, the development of stone home improvement will be the trend of the times.

In his opinion, compared with the public-installed market that is making relationships and fighting speed, the home improvement system pays more attention to systematic operation and services.

Therefore, if a company wants to enter the home improvement market, it should first shorten its operating chain and focus on solving the problem of home improvement.

In terms of overall operations, it is possible to take the standardized management route, that is, standardization of product differences, process standardization, standardization of personnel training, and standardization of production management. Particularly in terms of talents, he always adheres to the idea of ​​managing talents and manage stone.

In the future, companies want to develop a home improvement market and build consumer brands. They also want to collaborate with the cities. Therefore, he also hopes that there will be a total of people sharing the stone box model with him and join hands to quickly create high-end stone options. Brand.

The atmosphere of the entire exchange meeting was strong. The three speakers and the audience all expressed that the topic of entering the home decoration of stone may be a fixed topic for the Xiamen Stone Fair in the future. More relevant persons are invited to participate in the sharing and to jointly promote the pace of stone entry into home improvement.
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