International authoritative experts take you to recognize that "stone radiation" is just a rumor!

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Update time : 2018-06-01 00:08:14
Natural stone radiation cancer rumor, due to people's understanding of the natural stone properties of vacancies, as well as the malicious slander of some competing products industry, making the rumors have been circulating in the market for several years!

In recent years, with the joint efforts of the stone industry, stone media and domestic mainstream media began to promote rumors to resolve actions, but the effectiveness is still not obvious. Fortunately, in 2018, under the sound of international authoritative experts, stone radiation rumors broke new ground!

In the just-concluded 18th Xiamen Stone Fair, under the spotlight, the industry exchange forum “Fully Raiders: Stone Entering the Home Improvement Market”, a question and answer session, an audience member asked the expert on the stage such a question: “In China, Stone entered the largest home improvement store. The obstacle is the misunderstanding of stone radiation by people. What do you think about this issue?"

Karen Roe, founder of NS Motif, a full-scale countertop expert from the United States, replied: “The assertion that natural stone radiation is harmful to the human body is completely wrong! As early as in 2008, the United States Natural Marble Association issued a number of radiating elements for natural stone. The test report is uploaded to the official website for download by practitioners or consumers, eliminating consumer concerns about buying the stone."

▲ Karen Roe, founder of NSMotif, a “full-class countertop expert” in the United States

Subsequently, Peter Becker, editor-in-chief of Stone-Ideas.com, an international stone online magazine, and consultant advisor at Xiamen International Stone Fair in China, added, “I was surprised to see the spread of stone radiation rumors today. In the past decade, the mainstream countries in Europe and America In the stone market, consumers have long since not talked about the radiation problem, but have paid more attention to stone applications and interior design."

▲Peter Becker, editor-in-chief of Stone-Ideas.com, an international stone online magazine (left)

After the show, Karen Roe was interviewed and she received a report on the detection of stone radiation issued by the American Natural Marble Society. As for the proposal to crack the Chinese stone radiation rumors, she said, “The government and the stone related business associations and the media should unite and disseminate these articles and research results to help promote the use of stone in end consumers.”

The first document came from the "Element Analysis of Decorative Building Materials" published by the Radiation Protection Division of Health Canada in 2010. Radon is a chemical element, is a radioactive gas, but also the most important element of the source of stone radiation rumors!

Not much to say, we look directly at the results. In the conclusion part of this article, it is stated that “the influence of building materials (natural stone, etc.) used in home decoration on indoor helium is not important.

The second document came from the research report “Strontium and radiation exposed on natural stone countertops” made by the US Environmental Sanitation and Engineering Corporation 2008.

In this document, U.S. Environmental Hygiene and Engineering Co., Ltd., through the detection of radiation emissions from natural stone, suggested in the conclusion that, "At this level, the United States has not established an exemption standard for building materials based on radioactivity. The European Commission recommends Building materials (natural stone, etc.) should not be subject to any restrictions on their radioactivity.

Karen tells us that research reports on stone radiation are numerous and can be downloaded from the search for Radon at www.naturalstoneinstitute.org. International authoritative reports believe that the doubts of many consumers can be eliminated. In fact, the domestic stone industry has also spoken many times and worked together to crack stone radiation rumors.

Domestic expert doubts
Tsinghua University professor and radiologist Zhu Li had participated in the CCTV program "Is it really?". The scene passed the test and concluded that the marble radiation was extremely low. He also said: "Marine radiation indicators are extremely small and can be ignored."

CCTV official answers
In order to find the answer to the issue of marble radiation for the public, the column group of CCTV program “Consumer Advocacy” visited the building materials market, unannounced visits to major marble tile brand franchise stores, and purchased samples of marble tiles of different colors for testing.

The test result is as follows:
The results showed that the radioactivity was lower than that of the submitted ceramic tile sample whether it was sent for domestic marble or imported marble. They are all in line with the national Class A radioactive index and belong to building materials products that do not limit their use.
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